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Question;38.;A manufacturing company has a beginning;finished goods inventory of $14,600, raw material purchases of $18,000, cost of;goods manufactured of $32,500, and an ending finished goods inventory of;$17,800. The cost of goods sold for this company is;A.;$21,200.;B.;$29,300.;C.;$32,500.;D.;$47,100.;E.;$27,600.;39.;A company's prime costs total $3,000,000;and its conversion costs total $7,000,000. If direct materials are $1,000,000;and factory overhead is $5,000,000, then direct labor is;A.;$4,000,000.;B.;$14,000,000.;C.;$2,000,000.;D.;$1,000,000.;E.;$3,000,000.;40.;Ajax Company accumulated the following;account information for the year;Using the above information, total factory overhead;costs would be;A.;$ 9,800.;B.;$16,800.;C.;$15,800.;D.;$13,000.;E.;$ 7,800.;41.;A company;issues bonds with a par value of $800,000 on their issue date. The bonds mature;in 5 years and pay 6% annual interest in two semiannual payments. On the issue;date, the market rate of interest is 8%. Compute the price of the bonds on;their issue date. The following information is taken from present value tables;42.;Use the following calendar-year information;to prepare David Company's statement of cash flows using the direct method;43.;The following information is from Omega;Corporation's balance sheets as of December 31, 2009, and 2010 and its income;statement for 2010;From the above information, calculate the following;ratios for 2010;(a) Inventory turnover.;(b) Accounts receivable turnover.;(c) Return on total assets.;(d) Times interest earned.;(e) Total asset turnover.


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