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Tamalanplc is a retail chain with 160 stores and 14,000 employees.




Question;7.2 Tamalanplc is a retail;chain with 160 stores and 14,000 employees. Its financial statements for 2008;are shown below;Income;Statement;2008;2007;?m;?m;Turnover;1,021.5;847.4;Cost of sales;-855.3;-710.4;Gross profit;166.2;137.0;Administrative expenses;-47.9;-29.1;Operating profit;118.3;107.9;Net interest payable;-0.9;-0.3;Profit on ordinary activities;before;taxation;117.4;107.6;Taxation;-30.7;-33.5;Profit on ordinary activities;after;taxation;86.7;74.1;Dividends;-33.3;-29.3;Profit retained for the period;53.4;44.8;Additional information;Earnings per share;21.3p;18.4p;There are 440 million shares issued of 10p each;Market value of shares;?1.50;?1.40;Balance;Sheet;2008;2007;?m;?m;Fixed assets;Intangible;assets - goodwill;37.3;32.3;Tangible assets;167.6;132.3;Investments;22.5;25.7;227.4;190.3;Current assets;Inventory;135.0;105.3;Trade;Receivables;22.5;20.8;Cash at bank;16.2;17.8;173.7;143.9;Total assets;401.1;334.2;Non-current liabilities;Long term loans;14.8;13.4;Provision for deferred taxation;9.5;7.6;24.3;21.0;Current liabilities;Trade payables;159.8;149.6;Total liabilities;184.1;170.6;Net assets;217.0;163.6;Equity;Share capital;44.0;44.0;Profit and loss account;173.0;119.6;Shareholders' funds;217.0;163.6;Calculate sufficient ratios for both 2008 and 2007 to demonstrate the;changes in profitability, liquidity, efficiency, gearing and shareholder return;of Tamalanplc and comment on the most important changes between 2008 and 2007.;7.2;This problem requires you to calculate specific ratios for two;years. You will need to research the type of ratios that make up the;classifications in the question (profitability, liquidity, efficiency, gearing;and shareholder return). Your answer should be structured by showing the name;of the ratio in one column (ROCE for example) then a column for 2008 and a;column for 2007 and both of these columns will contain the percentages or;ratios. REMEMBER ? you must show the calculation and you should show 16 ratios.;NOTE: do not forget to "comment on the most important changes between 2008;and 2007" Problem;7.2 Tamalan plc - you will determine 16 ratios (if you don't have 16 then you;left something out) that demonstrates changes in profitability, liquidity;efficiency, gearing and shareholder return. Research the text because these;ratios are defined. For example;Gross profit/Sales xx.x/xx.x = xx.x% xx.x/xx.x = xx.x% Note - for;each year use a column format for both years.


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