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I am looking an answer to this;WACC Cost of Debt #1 30




Question;I am looking an answer to this, WACCCost of Debt #130 year bondsCurrent Price 98.25% of par value7.5% coupon rateSemi Annual Bond12 years to maturitytax rate 40%???What is total cost of debt?? I got 4.5%Pref. Stock #2Dividend $3.25Current Price $63.25???What is the cost of preferred??? I got 5.1%Equity #3Risk Free Rate 7.00%Market Risk Premium 6.00%Stock Beta.6???What is the cost of equity??? I got 10.6%Debt/Equity #46,000 Bonds outstanding selling @ 98.25% of Par Value45,000 Preffered stock @ $63.25350,000 Shares of COmmon Stock @ 28.00 per share???What is WACC??? ---????Given the WACC calculate the NPV for the following capital budgeting decisionInvestment is: $250,000Cash Flowsyr 1 -50,000yr 2 65,000yr 3 75,000yr 4 95,000yr 5 215,000???NPV IS?????? Decision??? ACCEPT / REJECT??? Calculate Payback????


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