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devry HIM410 Financial Management all 4 week discussion




Question;week 1 discussionHealthcare Revenue Sources (graded);What are some sources of healthcare revenue?;The Role of the HIM (graded);What is the role of the HIM (Health Information;Manager) in a healthcare organization?week 2 discussion;Sources of Revenue (graded);What are some different types of;expenses that generate revenue for healthcare organizations? What are the two;types of disbursement for services?;Revenue Cycle (graded);Explain the importance of cost;centers in the revenue cycle processes. week 3 discussion;Reimbursement (graded);What are the various types of;financial reports used in healthcare organizations? Demonstrate how a financial;report is used in decis;Staffing Calculations (graded);Why is it important to understand;staffing calculations to fill scheduled positions? week 4 discussion;Budget Variances (graded);List the various types of flexible;budget variance. Explain one type of variance budget and its application in;health information management.;Sensitivity Analysis (graded);Demonstrate how a hospital's;sensitivity analysis can be used to project the way that changing;certain events may affect budgeting.


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