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Financial Analysis - 15 pager on company executive summary




Question;Choose a company;about 15 pager;Suggested Project Outline;1. Executive Summary;2. Firm, Industry, and;Environment (not to exceed 2 pages);1. Summary description the firm including a brief description of;the key product or service, the relevant market, and analysis of demand;including the principle factors that influence demand, and the implications for;revenue.;2. Brief description of the principal inputs, production processes;indicating any significant changes in technology and analysis of trends in;productivity.;3. Summary of the behavior of costs, short-run and long run;indicating the principal factors that influence costs and their impacts as;indicated by cost trends.;4. Summary of the competitive environment, analysis of the key;measures through which firms compete (pricing, quality, brand, innovation;etc.) and discussion of potential changes in the level of competition.;3. Company Performance;and Managerial Effectiveness;1. Through-time (trend) analysis of the firm's performance (using;the Dupont framework as an organizing template for your discussion);2. Cross-sectional analysis and comparison of the firm with;benchmarks: industry competitor and industry benchmarks;3. Discuss the effect of the firm's accounting choices on the;financial statements;4. Future Prospects;1. Integrative assessment of current company performance, focusing;on principal sources of competitive advantage, investment potential, and;credit-worthiness.;2. Integrative overall outlook for future performance;5. Appendix;6. Footnotes;7.;Bibliography


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