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Acc 206 Week 1 - Discussion Question




Question;Week 1 - Discussion 1What information does the cash;flow statement provide that you cannot see in the other financial;statements (income statement, balance sheet, owner?s equity)? What;elements of the cash flow statement do you think are most important for;company management to monitor and why? Is this different for investors?;Guided Response;Review your peers? postings. Respond to;at least two of classmates, letting them know whether you agree with the;use of the cash flow statement and why. Additionally, share elements of;the cash flow statement that you see as being the greatest interest to;investors (as opposed to internal management) and why.;Week 1 - Discussion 2;Go to;Enter in ?AAPL? and click on the ?get quote? button, and it will bring;up information on Apple. On the left hand side you?ll see a section on;Financials. Within that section, click on the cash flow. Review the cash;flow statement for Apple. How would you summarize Apple?s cash flow;position and what does this statement tell you about where the money is;coming from and where it?s going? What would you suggest Apple?s do to;improve its cash position and why?;Guided Response;Analyze several of your peers? postings. Do you agree with the posting? Let at least two of your peers know what you would add.


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