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EDU 695 Week 4 DQ 2 Theoretical Frameworks




Question;Theoretical Frameworks;Theories give researchers a conceptual framework for understanding;problems and/or research questions. In the discussion forum, state your;research question and the problem your research attempts to solve.;Then, identify two to three theories that could be relevant to your;study. Think about theories and theorists you have been studying in the;MAED program. Identify the theorists and at least three major tenets;of each theory. Summarize, in your own words, the main ideas. Make;sure to cite your sources. The following resources may help you determine relevant theories: Educational TheoriesInstructional Design Theories of ReadingIn addition to the resources above, a Google search will also yield a great deal of information.Guided Response;Answer any follow-up questions your instructor may have for you after;reading your post. Read your classmates? posts and respond to at least;three of them. Ask questions to help your classmates clarify their;thinking about the theoretical framework. Share findings from your own;research. For example


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