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Question;Complete the case study The PIVOT Initiative at Midwest Bank, Part I, starting on page 358.On the basis of the information;Prepare;a 3 to 5 page paper discussing what conclusions you can reach on the;importance of team preparation and member selection to the ?Define?;stage, and eventual success of Six Sigma projects, such as the PIVOT;project.How did the roles of the;PIVOT team members, described in the case, potentially contribute;knowledge or skill necessary to carry out each state of the DMAIC;process? Hint: Refer back to the team member roles and responsibilities;in Chapter 6, Table 6.1.What;factors do you think weighed in the decision to include the $280,000;?anomaly? in the project justification? If you were the project;champion, how would you assess this justification in deciding on whether;the project was significant enough to move forward?Use;APA format ? to include a cover page and reference page (not included;in the 3-5 pages), introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and at least 2;references, one of those references should be your book. Be sure to;cite your work.


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