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Question;Question 1;Based on a survey of 1,000 adults by Greenfield Online and resported;in a May 2009 USA Today Snapshot, adults 24 years of age and under spend;a weekly average of $35 on fast food. If 200 of the adults surveyed;were in the age catetory of 24 and under and they provided a standard;deviation of $14.50, construct a 95% confidence interval for the weekly;average expenditure on fast food for adults 24 years of age and under.;Assume fast food weekly expenditures are normally distributed.;Question 2;An experiment ws designed to estimate the mean difference in weight;gain for pigs fed ration A as compared with those fed ration B. Eight;pairs of pigs were used. The pigs within each pair were littermates. The;rations were assigned at random to the two animals within each pair.;The gains (in pounds) after 45 days are shown below;RationARationB65583739403147454947655553595951Assuming weight gain is normal, find the 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean of the differences?d where d= ration A ? ration B.


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