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Question;Create a performance reporting presentation for the Riordan;Manufacturing Go Green campaign 1.Write a brief opening statement, for;your Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation, in which you reiterate project;deliverables and communicate changes. Emphasize the benefits of the;project and the value of the stakeholders? and management?s patience and;support. 2.Elaborate on your Microsoft Project? schedule model created;on the previous assignments and add the appropriate details to track the;budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the project. Create a;Microsoft? Project Visual Report (Excel spreadsheet or Visio diagram) in;which you track the budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the;Riordan Manufacturing Go Green campaign project. Submit a copy of the;Microsoft? Project file and any Microsoft Excel? spreadsheets or;Microsoft Visio? diagrams. 3.Combine the opening statement and project;performance reporting information into a Microsoft? PowerPoint?;presentation suitable for use as a performance report for stakeholders;and management to show the progress of the budget, schedule, and;milestone completion of the project. Include the following items in an;appendix to the presentation: a project scope statement, a WBS, a;project organization chart, a communication plan matrix, and a change;management flowchart. 4.Explain in a 500 - 700 word paper, the;importance of the project leader?s attitude and leadership in reporting;progress to stakeholders and senior management. Format your paper;consistent with APA guidelines.Submit this separately from the;performance report.


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