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Question;PART I;To;feel confident that all of the employees in your strategic planning;team understand all that you have taught them, you require each to;prepare a streamlined version of the key elements of a company?s;strategic plan. You require each employee to prepare the following;sections of a strategic plan for any one of the corporation?s four;divisions. You intentionally gave them no information about any of the;divisions and suggest that they pick a current leading competitor in;that field, and are to assume they are in that company as they write the;following parts of a strategic plan;? Mission statement (simply copying an existing real company?s mission is unacceptable);? Industry analysis;? SWOTT analysis;? 2 perceptual maps;o Choose any 2 pairs of criteria that you think are important to plot.;o Explain why you picked those 2 pairs of criteria.;The 4 corporate industries that each employee can pick from are the following;? Auto industry;? Pharmaceutical industry;? Mass merchandiser industry;? Home movie rental industry;Part 2;Deliverable Length:4;or more blank forms (minimum 1-page each), a complete set of;instructions for each form, (200?300 words minimum), and a 200?300 word;cover letter;Your;team has practiced doing strategic planning for a competitor company in;an associated industry. The team has done the preliminary work of;learning about the process of strategic planning and is now set to begin;the necessary preparatory work to assist each division?s senior;management team in creating its own strategic plan.;You;and your team are now ready to assist in the strategic planning process;with each division?s senior staff. Your team knows that a massive;amount of information will need to be collected and collated as part of;each division?s individual strategic plan. Ahead of your team?s visit to;each division?s headquarters, you are preparing a package of forms and;instructions to disseminate to each division head. The purpose of this;package is to have each division?s senior staff do the necessary legwork;to prepare for the week-long strategic planning meetings that you will;hold at each site. You want to make sure that each division?s staff;knows what they have to do, what information they have to collect, and;how to present it in a consistent manner. In this fashion, each;division?s strategic plans will have a consistent look and feel.;Create;the necessary blank forms that the management team will need to fill;out to gather the appropriate data. At a minimum, the following forms;will be needed;? Industry analysis;? SWOTT analysis;? Competitor analysis and perceptual map;? Five year financial forecast;Provide;one set of clear and concise written instructions for the division;senior teams to assist them in how to gather the information and;transfer it to the appropriate forms for subsequent discussion and;collation into the final 5-year strategic plan document. Each form?s;instructions must be 200?300 words and include examples to help explain;how to fill it out.;One;cover letter of 200?300 words must be included and addressed to the;CEO, who will then distribute the materials and instructions to the;senior teams of each division regarding the overall process his or her;team will be going through, culminating in a formal strategic planning;meeting that you and your team will participate in.;To;keep decision making as decentralized as possible, draft 2 policy;statements, each of 100?200 words, that each division?s CEO will be;asked to disseminate and comply with. They must both comply with the;following policy-writing guidelines;? One policy statement must address human resource promotion policy.;? One policy must address capital spending authority levels.


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