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Question;A: List one topic or;term discussed in the reading that you think is important or stood out to you;from the list of topics below;CMYK color mode;Palette;Tint;RGBA color;Hue v Saturation;Color and Emotion;Visibility & Readability;Color Wheel;Primary Colors;Color Blindness;Screen v printed color;Retro Colors;Analogous Colors;Temperature;RGB color mode;Hexadecimal Color;Brightness;Complementary Colors;Saturation;Pantone;Color and Visual Impact;Tertiary Colors;Color Management;Nature's Colors;Item A:List one topic or term discussed in the;reading that you think is important or stood out to you.;Item B:Define or describe the topic, including citations from the;textbook or location in other readings.;Item C:List the page number(s) or other reading location;where this topic is discussed.;Item D:Discusswhy the topic is important or;stood out to you. Cite specific examples from the readings. Include personal;experience with the topic if appropriate. The answer to this item (Item;D) must be at least 70 words long.;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D;Pixels;Display Fonts;Old Style Font;Points;Columns;Reversed Type;Initial/Drop Cap;Sans Serif Font;Decorative Font;Typesetting Bulleted Lists;Headlines;Kerning;Ligatures;Script Font;Tracking;Modern Font;Sub-Headings;Competing Fonts;Bold/Italic;All Caps;OpenType Font;Font Family;Justification;Slab Serif Font;Transitional Font;Leading;Tracking;Paragraph indicators;Hanging indents;dingbats;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D;Graphs;Sequence;Pie Charts;Fever Chart;Infographic Ethics;Data Map;Pointer Box;Diagrams;Active Diagram;Data Visualization;Callout;Packaging Graphics;Text Boxes;Maps;Design Within A Design;Key;Inset;Timeline;Callouts;Byline;Source Line;Explainer;Reference Points;Scale;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D;Comp Image;Photo Release;Resolution;Bitmap;Transparency;Compression;TIF;Rendered Type;PNG;Photo Subject;Copyright Law;Stock Image;Pull Quote;EPS;JPG;Clip Art;GIF;Vector;Contact Sheet;Illustration;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D;URL;Server Space;GIF Optimization;SEO;Web Hosting;GUI;Fluid Layout;ISP;Domain Name;Site Map;Web Font;Accessible Web Design;Home Page Design;Footer;Pull-Down Menu;CMS;Web Safe Colors;Blog;Social Media;Page Size;Template;Fixed Layout;Web Page Components;FTP;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D;File Format;B Roll;Transition;Multimedia Restraint;Encoding;Slide shows;Ken Burns Effect;User Controls;Duration;Looping;Animation;Multimedia Storytelling;Image Gallery;Motion Tween;Theme;Video Clips;Filming Monologues;Pacing;MMORPG;SFX;Item A;Item B;Item C;Item D


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