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Question;For the first project, you researched the impact of legislation on your;selected organization information security program. For the second;project, you researched information security standards used by your;selected organization. For the third project, you created a sample cyber;security profile addressing the security posture of your selected;organization. This final project incorporates the results from the first;three projects into a final security analysis. For this final project;you will create an executive summary presentation describing your;selected organization's security posture and your recommendations for;improvement. You will also write a memorandum outlining your findings;and your recommendations. Think of this assignment in terms of your own;job. Apply the same standards and professionalism you would use for your;superiors.1. Your final presentation should be between;15 ? 20 pages. Your executive summary presentation, at a minimum, should;1) cover the impact of legislation on your organization (3-4 slides);describe the information security standards applicable to your;organization (3-4 slides), and 3) summarize the key elements of your;organization's cyber security profile (findings/recommendations) (3-4;slides). You should also have a cover slide, an agenda slide, a;summary/conclusion slide(s), and a reference slide (using proper APA;guidelines). Use the notes pages to complete the slides. Your;presentation and notes pages should stand alone so that you do not have;to "present" the slides for the reader to understand your intent. Every;slide should have audio.


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