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Phase 5 Individual Project A+




Question;Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be duebyMonday;and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with;the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission;posting times are based on midnight Central Time.In;this course you have been exposed to many authors, genres, writing;styles and themes. For your Key Assignment, you will reflect on what you;learned from the works of fiction, poetry and drama you have read and;consider the impact literature has had?and will hopefully continue to;have?on your own life.Please writea final paper of 1500 words or morediscussing;the following questions. Be sure to begin your paper with an engaging;introduction and clear thesis statement, develop each point in the body;of your paper using examples and quotes from the assigned readings, and;conclude your paper with a restatement of your thesis and closing;remarks. As always, be sure to maintain your credibility by including;in-text citations and a reference list correctly formatted in APA style.;Short;Stories: Analyze the elements of fiction, including setting;characters, point of view, plot, symbolism, themes, tone and irony. Cite;specific examples from the assigned stories for each element. Which of;the short stories we read was your favorite, and why? Give several;reasons.Poetry;Break down the elements of poetry, including imagery, figurative;language, symbolism, word choice, themes, tone and sound. Cite specific;examples from the assigned poems for each element. Which of the poems we;read was your favorite, and why? Share several reasons.Drama;Review the elements of drama, including setting, characters, plot;stage directions, symbolism, themes and dialogue. Cite specific examples;fromTriflesfor each element. How has reading the play deepened your understanding of live performances, television dramas and movies?Values;and Morals: Values and morality have been recurring considerations in;many of our assigned works. Talk about personal values and moral codes;as they are conveyed in each of the following: one short story (chosen;from the Phase 1 or Phase 2 reading lists), one poem (chosen from the;Phase 3 reading list), and the play,Trifles.Which;of all the works we've read is your favorite and why? In what ways do;you think it will make a lasting impact on you personally and;professionally?Final;Considerations: Discuss how literature can provide ?a reflection of;life? which can help us understand our own struggles, triumphs, values;and moral codes and increase our empathy for others. What is one thing;you learned about yourself this term as a result of gazing into;literature?s ?mirror??


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