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Organizational Change Plan A+




Question;Part I: Organizational Change Plan;grading criteria on the student website Develop Part I of a;comprehensive plan to implement an organization change. Choose an issue;from your workplace and create a plan for a proposed change to resolve;the issue. Note. If you do not have a current workplace, or your;workplace is not appropriate for this project, work with the instructor;to identify an organization you may use for a change plan. Your change;proposal must be something you might actually implement in your;workplace. Issues might be related to any of the following: Health care;services Long-term care Health care products Information technology in;health care Billing in health care Electronic medical records (EMR);implementation Access to care Outcome, process, or structure of care;Patient, family, or community experience of care Creation or revision of;an educational course or program Any other appropriate faculty approved;area Part I of your plan focuses on assessment of the change issue and;planning for the proposed change. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word plan;with the following: Examine the need in the organization for your;proposed change. Examine organizational and individual barriers to your;proposed change. Identify factors that might influence your proposed;change. Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for your;proposed change. Identify the theoretical model that relates to your;proposed change. Identify internal and external resources available to;support your change initiative. Use the University Library to conduct a;search for current peer-reviewed literature that provides data to;support your change application. Format your plan consistent with APA;guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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