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HCA 340 week 1 dq1&2 A+




Question;Compare and contrast leadership roles and management responsibilities;in a non-health care setting with that of a health care organization.;In addition, present an overview of key leadership traits fundamental;for health care organizational effectiveness, and discuss the essential;functions of health care managers. Provide a substantive 150 to 250 word;initial post that fully answers the following questions;What does it take to be a ?good? leader or manager?What are the primary barriers and challenges associated with health care leadership?Dicussion 2;Management and Motivation;Discuss the overall importance of motivation as it relates to;management. Provide a substantive 150 to 250 word initial post that;fully answers the following questions;What are the benefits of having a fully motivated staff, and what are the potential consequences of not having motivated staff?What;do contemporary theories tell us about the significance of motivation;as a function of employee needs, extrinsic and intrinsic factors?How do we motivate across generations? In your response, please be sure to identify and address at least two theories.Utilize;at least one scholarly source, cited in correct APA format that;supports factual statements and conclusions about the topic. Review;several of your classmates? posts. Provide a substantive response to at;least two of your peers by Day 7.


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