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Question;ECO 204 RAISE OR LOWER TUITIONYou have been hired by Nobody State University (NSU);as a consultant to help the university with how to increase their total;revenue. The university has been struggling in recent years, so they have hired;you to help them in their last attempt to find an appropriate solution so that;the university can survive.;Raise or;Lower Tuition? Suppose that, in an attempt to raise more revenue, Nobody State;University increases its tuition.;?Assess a raise in tuition and if it will;necessarily result in more revenue.;?Describe the conditions under which revenue will;(a) rise, (b) fall, or (c) remain the same.;?Explain the process of revenue at NSU, focusing on;the relationship between the increased revenue from students enrolling at NSU;despite the higher tuition and the lost revenue from possible lower enrollment.;?If the true price elasticity were (-1.2), discuss;what you would suggest the university do to expand revenue.;?Using what you have learned in this course, explain;how you would resolve this problem if you were the President of NSU.;In a three-;to five-page paper (not including title and reference pages), provide;subheadings or separate paragraphs for each of the questions listed to help;focus your paper for the executives that have requested it. Support your paper;with at least two academic sources from the Ashford Library.;You are;required to format you paper according to APA style guidelines.


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