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Question;Instructions This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15;questions cover the material in Chapter 1. The second 15 questions cover the;material in Chapter 2. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the;quiz.;?;Question 1;The quality revolution is most related to;?;Question 2;The three issues that are at the core of operations management include all of;the following except;?;Question 3;Which of the following is the correct sequence describing the evolution of;operations management?;? Question 4;Which of the following is not a key activity of an operations manager?;?;Question 5;Support processes would typically include all of the following except;? Question 6;The following terms -- interchangeability of parts, division of labor, highly;repetitive tasks -- best relate to a focus on;?;Question 7;Which is generally related to service operations?;?;Question 8;A customer benefit package (CBP) includes;?;Question 9;Which one of the following has the lowest goods content?;?;Question 10;Which of the following would be the lowest in goods content and highest in;service content?;?;Question 11;A golf simulator in a retail sports store is an example of;? Question 12;In relating operations management and the customer benefit package (CBP), which;is the correct timing sequence?;?;Question 13;Computer software would be an example of;?;Question 14;A value creation process could be any of the following except;?;Question 15;Service management skills would include all of the following except;?;Question 16;A company has two alternatives for meeting a customer requirement for 9,000;units of a specialty molding. If done in-house, fixed cost would be $350,000;with variable cost at $30 per unit. If outsourced, the cost is $80 per unit.;Determine the breakeven point and determine if they should make the item;in-house or outsource it.;?;Question 17;Which of the following generally does not result from vertical integration?;?;Question 18;? Question 19;The first, second, and third waves of outsourcing experienced by the U.S. are;? Question 20;When break-even analysis is applied to an outsourcing decision, the breakeven;quantity is;?;Question 21;The United States has experienced three waves of outsourcing. Which of the;following is not one of the waves?;Question;22;In the value chain model for a hospital, patients, drugs and staff would be;considered;Question 23;is the process of managing information, services and physical goods to;insure their availability at the right place, at the right time, at the right;cost and at the right quantity, with the highest attention given to quality.;?;Question 24;integration refers to acquiring capabilities at the front of the supply;chain, whereas ____ integration refers to acquiring capabilities toward the;back end of the supply chain.;?;Question 25;From the pre- and post-service view of a value chain, goods and services;design, contract negotiation and consulting services would be considered;?;Question 26;For a restaurant, order-taking, bill payment and home delivery would be considered;?;Question 27;Which of the following is not normally considered a variable cost?;?;Question 28;Which of the following is not a component of a value chain?;Question;29;Outsourcing is;?;Question 30;A competitively dominant customer experience is often called a


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