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Question;As an IT manager, create a 10 ? 15 slide professional PowerPoint presentation (using speaker notes) for the CEO by Wednesday, February 12, 2014. The presentation topic is the evolution of information systems as seen in the organization you selected in module 1.;You will conduct research and analyze information to make;recommendations for an updated system that can meet the business;requirements of your chosen organization.;Summarize the organization?s current and past use of information;systems and its impact on operations, decision making, efficiency, and;profitability.Explain the usage and purpose of the IS system;the improvements that can be made to it, and analyze the need for an;information system. Elaborate on how decisions are made using the IT;system.Identify three key business requirements or needs that;the system must meet of your selected organization (e.g., the system;must track all customer sales by product, region, and sales;representative).Then;assuming that a system upgrade would be possible, discuss your;responsibility as an IS professional and the roles of others in the;organization to define new or other business information systems that;might be needed and to select an appropriate platform. Consider various;types of decision-making support systems (DSS).Include a title slide, reference slide and incorporate at least three resources in your presentation.Present;your research, analysis, and recommendations in a format that could be;shared with stakeholders without technical knowledge. Provide diagrams;or other visual aids to explain your analysis, if needed.


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