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Unit 7 Assignment




Question;As a practicing independent Behavior Analyst, you;have received an e-mail from a staff member representing a provider of;education and/or human services requesting your services. Specifically;this staff member has asked you to meet with other staff and/or;administrators to develop a behavior intervention plan for an individual;they are providing services to. This individual is demonstrating;significant problem behaviors.;Please detail responses to the following;Specify;the referral problem. Be creative and describe the type of provider;that has requested your services, the client, and the operational;definition of the problem behavior(s).In;a script or narrative format, provide information to the members of the;?planning? meeting: Describe the specific purposes of a Functional;Behavioral Assessment Describe three (3) Indirect Functional Assessment;procedures that you may be implementing during the process of the;Functional Behavioral Assessment. Be sure to specify how they will be;used and what the purpose of each tool is. Describe three (3) Direct;Descriptive Assessment procedures you may be implementing during the;process of the Functional Behavioral Assessment. Be sure to specify how;they will be used and what the purpose of each tool is.Tips for developing your responses;The;staff that you are presenting to think that, as a Behavior Analyst, you;will be able to develop a behavior plan on the spot during this meeting;that is both easy to administer and effective at modifying the behavior;of the client in question. The staff clearly know nothing about;behavioral assessment processes. It is your job to assist them in;understanding the process of Functional Behavioral Assessment and its;necessity before any interventions can be developed and implemented.Be;mindful of making solid choices of the procedures you will be;highlighting based on the scenario you describe at the outset of this;Project.Indirect Assessment Tools / Procedures (Unit 6):The Functional Behavioral Assessment Screening FormThe Behavioral Stream InterviewThe Antecedent Variables Assessment FormThe Individual Variables Assessment FormThe Consequence Variables Assessment FormDirective Descriptive Tools / Procedures (Unit 7):Task Difficulty Antecedent Analysis FormThe Conditional Probability RecordThe Functional Behavioral Assessment FormInterval Recording ProceduresTask Analysis Recording ProcedureProject Guidelines;1800 words minimumAPA FormatUtilize the readings and other course material from Unit 6 and Unit 7If;you feel you must find outside resources for assistance, please utilize;academically legitimate resources (DO NOT use websites and Wiki?s that;are not peer-reviewed)DO NOT focus on the use of diagnoses or labelsBe specific and detailed, do not just list items and facts


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