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Question;1. Low-context;cultures primarily rely on ________ in communicating with others.;situational;cues;formal;titles;spoken and written;words;status differences;2. Which of the;following statements is most likely to be true about differences between men;and women in relation to emotional reactions?;Women tend to hold;onto emotions longer than men.;Men display;positive emotions more frequently than women.;Women express;anger more frequently than men.;Men experience;emotions more intensely than women.;3. The best;leadership theories to describe and explain effective leadership in teams with;interactive members are;group;theories;multi-level;theories;integrated;theories;dyadic theories;4. Organizational;momentum;can benefit or;inhibit an organization;is always an;advantage in seeking organizational change;is not promoted by;stability within the organization;increases with the;implementation of new programs;5. Pragmatic;leaders;articulate a vision;of confidence;have expertise and;commitment;appeal to shared;values;appeal to emotions;6. ________ occurs;when people within organizations use whatever influence they can to taint the;facts to support their goals and interests.;Legitimate;political behavior;Sabotage;Illegitimate;political behavior;Politicking;7. ________ refers;to an individual?s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task.;Self-efficacy;Affect;intensity;Emotional;contagion;Self-determination;8. Determining if;a strategy will be effective within its respective business environment and;still be competitive could be determined by completing a(n) ________ test.;Advantage;Consistency;Consonance;feasibility;9. During an;annual review, Michel Godfrey made the following assertion: ?When I look at;myself and my performance, I see that what I have achieved is outstanding and;something no one in the organization has the capacity to undertake.;Surprisingly, it has not won me the admiration of my colleagues like it should;have. I also believe that I do not just deserve a raise, but need one, since;without me, let?s face it, the place would simply fall apart.? Which of the;following personality traits best describes Michel?s personality?;Monasticism;Minimalism;Stoicism;Narcissism;10. Which of the;following is the first step in the negotiation process?;Bargaining and;problem solving;Definition of;ground rules;Clarification and;justification;Preparation and;planning;11. A leadership;theory that describes leadership functions applicable to some situations but;not others is called;Universal;Prescriptive;Contingency;descriptive;12. According to;the job characteristics model, autonomy is defined as the degree to which;a job requires;completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work;a job generates;direct and clear information about performance;a job has an;impact on the lives or work of other people;a job provides the;worker freedom, independence, and discretion;13. Which of the;following actions best represents Kelly?s high job involvement?;Kelly always;complains about her work to her colleagues.;Kelly wants to;continue working for the organization because many of her college friends are;working there.;Kelly shares the;organization?s vision of supporting renewable energy.;Kelly actively;takes part in team activities and proactively takes up additional job;responsibilities.;14. Which of the;following dimensions of the Big Five Model indicates a person?s ability to;withstand stress?;Emotional;stability;Extroversion;Openness to;experience;Agreeableness;15. Job;dissatisfaction and antagonistic relationships with coworkers predict a variety;of ehaviors organizations find undesirable, including unionization attempts;substance abuse, undue socializing, and tardiness. These behaviors are;indicators of a broader syndrome called;rotten apple;syndrome;cognitive;dissonance;positivity;offset;employee;withdrawal;16. Which of;the following statements is true regarding a matrix structure?;It reduces ambiguity;about who reports to whom.;It cannot;achieve economies of scale.;It breaks the;unity-of-command concept.;It avoids;duplication of activities.;17. Adoration of a;charismatic leader by followers can lead to;a competitive work;environment;limiting;suggestions of fixes and improvements;greater;understanding of the company mission;difficulty in;developing a successor;18. In order to;make their firm a learning organization, managers should;penalize mistakes;reinforce;interdependence and reduce boundaries;increase the;degree of departmentalization;avoid the use of;cross-functional teams;19. Some studies;indicate the best approach for transformational change may have the chief;executive officer create an atmosphere for change;but let others;decide how to initiate change;but carefully set;limits for the program;and establish a;reward system;and begin;establishing a vision;20. At Dortix, a;manufacturing company, at the end of every quarter, the total production of;each department is calculated, compared with the predetermined targets, and the;rewards for each set of divisional employees is determined this way. Dortix;uses a ________ plan to incentivize its employees.;core-plus;modular;gainsharing;profit-sharing;21. The concept;that some leadership attributes will work in some situations but not in others;can be described by the;contingency theory;tactical theory;behavioral theory;leadership;effectiveness theory;22. The ultimate;source of an organization?s culture is;its environment;the country in;which the organization operates;its top management;its founders;23. Which of the;following is a desirable strategy for managers aiming to reduce the negative;consequences of rumors?;Refusing to;comment on issues that appear to be controversial and unfair;Creating a more;informal communication environment at the workplace;Initiating;disciplinary action against the employee who started the rumor;Encouraging;employees to communicate their concerns and suggestions;24. You manage a;department of four employees. You have identified that Joe has a high need for;achievement. Mary has a high need for power, and Tim has a high need for;affiliation. Sarah scored high on the need for power and low on the need for;affiliation.;Which of these;four employees is most suitable for handling your responsibilities when you are;on vacation?;Mary;Sarah;Tim;Joe;25. Which of the;following represents the acceptable standards of behavior within a group that;are shared by the group?s members?;Goals;Cliques;Norms;Status;26. The degree to;which a turbulent environment impacts operations within an organization is;known as;Complexity;Organic;capacity;volatility;27. Which of the;following statements is true with regard to the effectiveness of tactics?;The combination of;a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination;of two hard tactics.;All tactics are;equally effective with regard to upward influence. The combination of a soft;tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two;hard tactics.;Soft tactics are;less effective than hard tactics when used individually.;Individuals from;collectivist cultures are typically more likely to use soft tactics that;reflect personal power.;28. Which of the;following steps can be taken by a manager to minimize groupthink?;Seeking input from;employees before the group leader presents his opinions;Preventing all;team members from engaging in a critical evaluation of ideas at the beginning;Asking the group;members to first focus on the positives of an alternative rather than the;negatives;Encouraging group;leaders to develop a stronger sense of group identity king input from employees;before the group leader presents his opinions;29. Which of the;following is true of the baby boomer generation?;They are more;questioning and entrepreneurial than the other generations.;They lead lives;shaped mainly by globalization.;They give the;highest importance to flexibility and life options.;They give high;importance to achievement and material success.;They lead lives;shaped mainly by globalization.;30. Central to;managing a successful organizational strategy implementation are/is;competitive teams;formal models of;implementation;tracking progress;coalition;management


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