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Question;PROJ 586 (Project Management Systems) DevryWeek 5Week 5: Project Risk, Communication and Documentation ? Discussion 1 Risk Management (Graded)This week, we learned about risk management. Now let's apply our learning to an example. Suppose you are the project manager of a team of software specialists working on a project to produce a piece of application software in the field of accounting. Identify some items that might go wrong during this type of project (i.e., what are some of the risks in this project), and discuss how you, as the PM, would assess and respond to such project risks.Week 5: Project Risk, Communication and Documentation ? Discussion 2 Project Communication (Graded)This week, we learned about a communication plan. The first step in building a communication plan is to identify your key stakeholders. How would you identify a key stakeholder? Then, once you have identified that key stakeholder, how would you determine which form of communication to use? Can (and should) you have multiple forms of communication going for each of your key stakeholders? Discuss.Week 5 Course Project:Week 5 Course Project, Effective Project Status MeetingsWeek 5 Course Project, Communication PlanWeek 5 Course Project, Risk Matrix & Response Plans


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