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Read the case study, entitled ?Marketing in Schools? on page 430 of the textbook




Question;Read the case study, entitled;?Marketing in Schools? on page 430 of the textbook. Once you finish reading the;case study;answer the following questions;1. Is there an appropriate age that advertising should consider?;2. Who are the stakeholders that will be impacted by your decision, and how;will each be affected?;3. What are the benefits and drawbacks to advertising products within schools?;4. What other facts would you need to make a decision, and how might your;decision affect the stakeholders?;5. Discuss alternative marketing practices that could be ethical and help the;schools to raise money.;Evaluate any assumptions that you make. The case study should be thoroughly;discussed, and the written submission;should meet the following requirements;Be at least two pages in length (not;including the cover and reference pages)


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