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UoP OPS/571 Week 2 Process Designs and Supply Chains




Question;Week 2 Process Designs and Supply Chains;This is part one of a two part assignment starting with an introductory look at process design and supply chains.;Identify a company with which you are familiar. This could be your place of employment, a car wash, a yard service company, and so forth.;Create an MS PowerPoint Presentation in which you describe the current state of your selected company's supply chain and an identified process.;Required Elements;? Describe the company's supply chain;? Identify a process internal to the company that you wish to analyze.;? Describe the process internal to the company that you wish to analyze.;? Identify an appropriate design approach for the process you have chosen.;? Create a high-level AS IS process flow chart using an appropriate tool.;? Identify at least one metric to measure the process and its application (how, what, when, and who).;? Use an appropriate tool to collect data for each step of the process.;? PowerPoint includes 4-5 slides with detailed speaker notes.


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