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OPS/571 Week 1 Process Design Matrix and Summary




Question;Week 1 Process Design;Matrix and Summary;Complete the Process Design Matrix.;Instructions;1. Select both a service and;a manufactured product with which you are familiar.;2. Select three to five Process Design;Aspects that you will use to compare the Service and Product;that you selected NOTE: This is a comparison, therefore you;must choose the same Process Design Aspect for the Service;that you do for the Manufactured Process.;3. Enter the service characteristics;and manufactured product characteristics for each of the three to;five Design Aspects previously selected.;4. Write an Executive Summary of no more than 700 words (excluding the title;page and reference page) in which you;Explain the service and the manufactured process that you;selected.Justify the entries that you made in the in the;service and product columns of the Process Design Matrix for each Process;Design Aspect by comparing your entries with;documentation from the textbook.;Submit Matrix with the;Executive Summary


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