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Question;Business Law2Business;Law2;Directions;Begin working on Reaction Paper II "Corporate Responsibility;Programs;1. Do an Internet search on "corporate;responsibility programs." Here are some sources to get started. Youare not restricted to these sources;?;100 Best Corporate Citizens 2008;(all links will open in new window);?;CRO's Top 10;Executive Training Programs in Corporate Responsibility 2008;?;As You Sow: Corporate Social Responsibility;?;Starbucks;Corporate Social Responsibility;?;The Coca-Cola Company: Protecting the Environment;?;Merck: Corporate;Responsibility;Note: To find more sources, use the Research Toolbox from your;left menu bar.;2. Choose one company and be sure to include the;following;?;Describe a corporate responsibility;?;What the company thinks they gain by;engaging in it?;?;How the employees feel about the;program?;?;Do you think the company should be;doing this program at all?;3. Write 2-3 page paper on one company. Remember;that you are required to follow MLA formatting and are to use and cite;both commonly accessed information (such as newspapers or websites) and;scholarly resources or legal documents (such as references to state and federal;laws, proposed legislation, and applicable federal or state;regulations).;You must include in paper citations (if you use material;from other sourcesand a Works Cited).;See the grading criteria for detail. Submit your Reaction Paper II in;Week 3.


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