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MCQ'S 1-20: (TCO 4) If a home inspection reveals defective house wiring, then this is an example of a....




Question;Top of Form;1.;(TCO 4) If a home inspection;reveals defective house wiring, then this is an example of a (Points: 1);threat.peril.risk.speculation.hazard.;Question;2. 2.(TCO 4) If;you decide to install a new home security system with cameras, this is an;example of _____ risk.;(Points: 1);shiftingacceptingtransferringsharingreducing;Question;3. 3.(TCO 4) If;a homeowner does not clear ice from stairs for a delivery person in a;timely manner, this may result in a case of: (Points: 1);vicarious liability.negligence.assigned risk.umbrella coverage.coinsurance.;Question;4. 4.(TCO 4) If;a worker damages your home while painting several rooms, and you take;action against the worker's employer to cover the cost of the damage;this is an example of a(n) _____ liability. (Points: 1);umbrellavicariouscommon situationperilassigned;Question;5. 5.(TCO 4);Which of the following is not considered personal property for home;insurance coverage?;(Points: 1);An automobileA garageFurnitureAppliancesA permanently installed air;conditioning unit;Question;6. 6.(TCO 4);State Farm has provided a quote to you for an umbrella policy. This type;of policy provides coverage for;(Points: 1);expensive personal property.additional buildings on your; when traveling away;from home.major personal liability suits.flood damage.;Question;7. 7.(TCO 4);Renter's insurance covers all but which of the following? (Points: 1);Medical expenses for injuries to;visitorsCost of legal action due to;personal liabilityAdditional living expensesAccidental damage to the;property of othersFire damage of the building's;roof;Question;8. 8.(TCO 4) If;claims need to be settled based on the current replacement cost of a;damaged or lost item less depreciation, then the _____ method should be;used. (Points: 1);replacement valueactual cash valueumbrellaendorsementpersonal property floater;Question;9. 9.(TCO 4) If;you are in an automobile accident for which you were responsible, and you;have _____ coverage within an insurance policy, this covers the risk of;financial loss due to legal expenses, medical expenses, lost wages, and;other expenses associated with injuries caused by an automobile accident;for which you were responsible.;(Points: 1);medical paymentscomprehensive insuranceuninsured motorists protectionno-fault insurancebodily injury liability;Question;10. 10.(TCO;4) _____ coverage pays for medical care for people who were injured in;your automobile.;(Points: 1);ComprehensiveBodily injury liabilityCollisionMedical paymentsNo-fault insurance;Question;11. 11.(TCO;4) The 50 in 100/300/50 refers to _____ coverage. (Points: 1);collisionbodily injury liabilityproperty damage liabilitymedical paymentscomprehensive physical damage;Question;12. 12.(TCO;4) Thad Joslin was judged at fault in an automobile accident. Three;others were awarded damages of $145,000, $75,000, and $80,000. Thad has;100/300 bodily injury liability coverage. What amount, if any, would not;be covered by his insurance?;(Points: 1);$45,000$100,000$75,000None. The total amount would be;covered by insurance.$50,000;Question;13. 13.(TCO;4) Which is a correct statement about life insurance? (Points: 1);People are less apt to actively;seek life insurance than health insurance.Private sources are the only;available sources for life insurance.Life insurance is extremely;important if you are single and living alone.There is only one type of life;insurance.Consumer awareness of life;insurance has changed considerably over the years.;Question;14. 14.(TCO;4) You probably have little or no need for life insurance if you are (Points: 1);a single person living alone or;with parents.divorced and have two children.married and your spouse works.gainfully employed.a household with several;children.;Question;15. 15.(TCO;4) Your annual income is $35,000. What is your life insurance need based;on the easy method?;(Points: 1);$35,000$110,500$171,500$191,500Over $200,000;Question;16. 16.(TCO;4) Which type of life insurance policy combines term insurance and;investment elements?;(Points: 1);Whole lifeOrdinary lifeUniversal lifeAdjustable lifeExtended life;Question;17. 17.(TCO;4) All of the following are innovative ways that concerned groups are;containing healthcare costs except for (Points: 1);the establishment of incentives;to encourage preventive care.encouraging the use of prepaid;group practices.the establishment of community;education programs so people can learn to take better care of themselves.encouraging doctors to pay cash;for routine medical costs.picketing at hospitals and;physician offices.;Question;18. 18.(TCO;4) A growing number of students have been without health insurance;because typically;(Points: 1);insurance companies refuse to;insure them.students are young and older student population is;not covered by family policies.students don't care if they get;sick.students don't need health;insurance.;Question;19. 19.Which;of the following statements is true? (Points: 1);Physician expense insurance;coverage normally includes visits to the doctor's office, x-rays, and lab;tests.Basic health insurance coverage;includes hospital expense insurance, surgical expense insurance, and;physician expense insurance.A deductible provision requires;the policyholder to pay a basic amount before the policy benefits begin.A good health insurance plan;should impose no unreasonable exclusions.All of the above;Question;20. 20.(TCO;4) If you have purchased a medical insurance policy with a very low;deductible and the policy pays for hospital, surgical, medical, and other;bills under one plan, this is a called a _____. (Points: 1);low-cost indemnity policylong-term care insurancecancer insurance policycomprehensive major medical;insurance policy;Time Remaining;Bottom of Form


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