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Business Plan for an Air Freight company named Marco Polo Logistics....




Question;Using the attached "incomplete" business plan, make a business plan following the guidelines below for an Air Freight company named Marco Polo Logistics1. Executive Summary (written last)2. Business Idea Form3. S.W.O.T Analysis4. Market Segmentation Form5. Marketing Plan5a. Product/Service5b. Price5c. Place (airport in Florida?)5d. Promotion6. Sales plan7. Production/Purchase Plan8. Operational Plan8a. Form of business chosen and reason for the selection of the form of business.8b. Fixed asset form8c. Depreciation form9. Staff recruitment plan9a. Organisation structure9b. Staff requirements and costs table10. Business costs and profit plan10a. Various business costs table10b. Sales and costs plan11. Cash flow plan12. Balance sheet and Income statement


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