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There are many films and video clips about organized crime;some are enlightening while others are too..




Question;More Media!I am always looking to add more Organized Crime (OC) video clips in future courses. There are many films and video clips about organized crime, some are enlightening while others are too propaganda-based to be used in an academic setting. For this essay question, you will need to do some online research. Please locate a film clip that is relevant to our class. It should be one that you would have found helpful in better understanding the material. Then please do the following:Include a link to the film clip (I would encourage you to pay attention to the length of the clip. Most students don't want to watch 60-minute "clips" in addition to the required textbook readings)Provide a short summary of the clipIdentify where in our course material your particular clip is relevant and why. How will it enhance the class in the future?Evaluate the truth/legitimacy/reliability of the clip. Is it of academic quality for an AMU graduate course?As an example, In Sight-Organized Crime in the Americas is a website with good, up-to-date stories and film clips on Organize Crime in the Americas. It has some decent articles and film clips on drug, sex, and arms trafficking. Of course, you are not limited to this website. I am sure there are others! (Ensure your comments are at least 500 words and are of good quality).Question 2 of 4 25.0 PointsDiscuss whether the wealth and power of Organize Crime in Russia will become institutionalized. Will its leaders and their progeny emerge as the Russian equivalents of the U.S. robber barons? (Please discuss/explain in at least 500 words of good essay writing).Question 3 of 4 25.0 PointsWhat do you think is the most important federal statute against organized crime and why? What new statute (or modification to an already existing statute) would you recommend for the future and why? Please discuss/explain in good essay writing skills. (500 word minimum).Question 4 of 4 25.0 PointsDiscuss the agencies in the Department of Justice that are responsible for organized crime law enforcement. Which one do you think is the most important in addressing OC? Why? (Please discuss/explain in at least 500 words of good essay writing).


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