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Question 1 Corporate codes of ethics can be derived from principles obtained from....




Question;Question 1 Corporate codes;of ethics can be derived from principles obtained from: Legal sources;Utilitarianism Kant's Categorical Imperative All of the above.;0.5 points Question 2;EarthLast, Inc. pollutes the environment. They;are careful, however, to;just avoid;violating pollution control laws. The company makes a lot of money for its;shareholders. Which of the following best describes the company's approach to;business? Legal and Moral pursuant to Legal Positivism Legal, moral, and;socially responsible;Illegal and immoral;Legal and moral pursuant to Kantian ethics;0.5 points;Question 3 Edward Executive;makes $100,000 a year. Ned Newguy, a recent business school graduate, is;willing to do Ed's job for $55,000. Ed has been with the company for 30 years. In;a cost-saving move;the company fires Ed and replaces him with the younger and cheaper Ned Newguy.;This action could be Illegal Immoral pursuant to Kantian ethics Moral pursuant;to Ethical Egoism All of the above.;0.5 points;Question 4 Regarding the values;of legality;morality, and social responsibility, which of the following is/are TRUE: a. One;can be sued for acting illegally. b. One cannot be sued for "merely;acting immorally unless some law is also violated. c. One cannot be sued for "merely;being socially;irresponsible or;non-responsive unless some law is also violated. d. All of the above are true.;0.5 points;Question 5 As to why a;company should be a socially responsible one and get involved in civic and;charitable affairs, Socrates would likely argue: Justice;is the will of the;stronger. Money comes from virtue. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Virtue;comes from money.;0.5 points;Question 6 International Sales Corporation;like other business, has enforceable duties prescribed by Ethics and the law;Ethics only;Neither ethics nor;the law The law only;0.5 points;Question 7 Brown Communications, Inc. needs to;reduce costs by downsizing. In determining which employees to let go, the;business' initial concern should be Its profits for executive and management;bonuses;Its ethical duty to;the employees The legality of the downsizing if the impact adversely affects;older workers protected by age discrimination law Its social responsibility;reputation in the local community;0.5 points;Question 8 Kyle, an accountant for Engineering;Associates, Inc.;attempts to apply the duty approach to ethical reasoning in conflicts that;occur on the job. This approach is based on the idea that a person Has a duty;not to engage in unethical or immoral behavior no matter how desirable the;consequences;may be Has a duty;to conform one's behavior to society's ethical standards Has a duty to one's;employer that is superior to any duty owed to society as a whole May engage in;unethical behavior if it achieves the greater good.;0.5 points;Question 9 Which of the;following cause problems in determining whether an action is legal? A large;number of ethical theories Too general definitions of "corporate social;responsibility" A lack of lawyers None of the above;0.5 points;Question 10 Which of the;following is the;most accurate;statement? A small shareholder can never be held morally responsible for what a;large corporation does. One function of a corporate ethics audit will be to;conduct a moral audit of the firm to ascertain if it is acting morally. The;principal;purpose of a moral;audit of the firm is to ensure that the company is acting in a legal manner. A;corporate code of ethics needs only to restate minimum legal principles and;rules in its "practices" section.


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