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BUS C150 Final Exam-Which of the following retailers is an exception to the wheel of retailing?




Question;Which of the following retailers is an exception to the wheel of;retailing?Marketing channels play a key role in marketing strategy because;they:Jim stops at the local convenience store on his way home to buy a;six-pack of beer. He goes in thinking he will purchase his usual brand, but;ends up buying another because it is on sale. What stage of brand loyalty is;Jim presently at?Patricia calls a firm's 800 number and expresses her reaction to a;recent television ad. This is an example of:A company's ability to;market a product successfully at a higher price is directly related to its:A characteristic of a good brand name is that it should:One of the advantages of the direct mail medium is that:Which group of activities is considered to be a form of sales;promotion?When Frito Lay introduces a new flavor of potato chips, it is likely;to focus on _____ in its promotional mix.The Kirkland brand is owned by Costco, and the products can only;be purchased at Costco stores. Costco contracts with manufacturers to produce;and package products under the Kirkland name. This arrangement is called:Brand recognition as a stage of brand loyalty occurs when:Small appliances and related products bearing the General Electric;brand are only available through Wal-Mart stores. This type of product;distribution strategy is called _____ branding.All of the following retail stores would be found at a power;center except:The primary factor that attracts a consumer to a generic product;is:The _____ is at the heart of integrated marketing communications.At which level of brand loyalty is advertising often used heavily;to promote a product?To grow profitably in a competitive environment, a wholesaler;must:In the AIDA concept, the D indicates:_____ refers to the amount a retailer adds to the cost of a;product to determine its selling price.Which of the following is the most frequently used form of direct;marketing?Which of the following is a disadvantage of guerrilla marketing?A _____ provides space for permanent showrooms and exhibits, which;manufacturers rent to market their goods.As a part of the promotional campaign for a product, online video;clips help to:Because direct marketing is interactive, it:Business purchasers usually prefer to buy from:When potential buyers of a product are dispersed geographically, a;pulling promotional strategy should lay emphasis on:Which of the following is a means of conducting a personal selling;effort?The traditional marketing channel for consumer goods proceeds from;producer to:Direct selling is more common:Which promotional tool would more likely be used by a company;adopting a push strategy of product promotion?Which statement concerning telemarketing is correct?In the 1950s, discount stores delivered lower prices in exchange;for:The function of informing, persuading, and influencing the;consumer's purchase decision is called:The two critical components of distribution strategy are _____ and;Which of the following is a reason why sponsorships have grown in;popularity in the last ten years?An example of a company that relies heavily on direct selling is:Acceptable promotional practices in the marketplace are ultimately;determined by:A global brand generally is defined as:Public service announcements are:An integrated marketing communication strategy begins with:Generic products are:Movement of products through more than one marketing channel to;reach the same market is:Licensed goods manufactured abroad and then sold in the U.S.;market in competition with U.S. counterparts are called _____ goods.The added value that a certain brand name gives to a product in;the marketplace is called brand:The process of collecting information about the external marketing;environment is called:After identifying a target market, a retailer must:Guerrilla marketing can best be described as:An offering within a product line, such as a specific size of;liquid detergent, is known as a(n) _____.Vending machines are an example of:An effective promotional strategy designed to influence a retailer;or wholesaler to carry a new brand would be a(n) _____ strategy.Which of the following was rendered invalid by the federal;Consumer Goods Pricing Act of 1975?Discounts off the list price given for prompt payment of the;invoice may be classified as _____ discounts.Which of the following is true of missionary selling?The role of a sales representative in the promotion process has;changed from that of persuader to that of:A pricing policy that assumes that some prices are more appealing;than others is known as _____ pricing.Because it involves the use of a high price relative to prices of;competing products or services, the skimming pricing strategy is sometimes;referred to as _____ pricing.In general, marketers that participate in comparative advertising:If Procter & Gamble were to introduce a value-priced brand of;laundry detergent, they should:Which of the following is an inappropriate pricing objective for a;not-for-profit organization?The exchange value of a good or service defines its:Which of the following can be categorized as a tariff?The part of the sales process consisting of identifying potential;customers is called:The process of qualifying a sales prospect:An example of odd pricing would be:Which federal agency reversed its stand on comparative advertising;after realizing that competition drives down prices?Which of the following is one of the nonpersonal elements of the;promotional mix?Many credit cards offer so-called "teaser" rates -- low;introductory rates that rise after a few months. The use of teaser rates is an;example of which type of pricing objective?Compared with broadcast networks, advertising on cable gives;marketers access to _____ target audiences.The global pricing strategy that allows the greatest flexibility;in setting prices to reflect local marketplace conditions is:Which of the following is not a function of relationship selling?The Robinson-Patman Act specifically prohibits:Radio Shack is advertising Sirius satellite radios as gifts for;the holiday season. The television ad benefits both companies and is an example;of _____ advertising.Penetration pricing is sometimes referred to as _____ pricing.All of the following are advantages of television as an;advertising medium except:The PIMS project revealed that the two most important factors;influencing profitability were:The most intrusive form of online advertising is _____.Which type of ads typically lose their effectiveness very fast?Persuasive advertising:Jamie works for a local bank. Whenever a new customer opens a;checking account, Jamie makes sure to mention some of the other financial;services the bank offers. Jamie is engaged in:The type of advertising that seeks to develop initial demand for a;newly introduced good, service, organization, person, place, idea, or cause is;known as _____ advertising.Which of the following is a part of the consultative selling;process?Oriental Insurance promotes identity theft insurance with an advertisement;that warns of stolen credit cards and falsified social security numbers. Which;appeal is being used in this commercial to motivate the viewer to act?The type of advertising that strives to reinforce previous;promotional activity by keeping the name of the good, service, organization;person, place, idea, or cause before the public is _____ advertising.Some advertisers try to avoid problems with celebrity endorsers by;using cartoon characters as endorsers. One drawback of using such cartoon;characters is:At present, long-distance telephone services and wireless carriers;are both tending to adhere to a:All of the following statements regarding cooperative advertising;are correct except:Although research shows that most consumers dislike the practice;of telemarketing and more than 191 million have signed up for the national Do;Not Call Registry, organizations still use telemarketing because:According to studies, consumers respond with suspicion to:The two biggest spenders on advertising in the United States are:Retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe's, who offer to meet or beat;the best price offered by their competitors, use the strategy of _____ pricing.One of the major benefits derived from target-return objectives is;that they:A major challenge with product-line pricing is that:When Bufferin advertises that its products have a greater;pain-relieving effect than aspirin or Tylenol, it is using _____ advertising.The pricing strategy that permits marketers to control demand in;the introductory stages of a product?s life cycle and then adjust productive;capacity to match changing demand is known as _____ pricing.Pharmaceutical companies frequently use _____ to market their;product.A series of related but different ads that use a single theme and;appear in different media within a specified time period is an example of a(n):A product's market price is ordinarily the:Prestige pricing objectives emphasize:Personal selling can be broadly defined as:The most expensive sales method overall is


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