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Chapter 12 APPLICATION EXERCISES 1. a) Identify three service businesses....




Question;Chapter 12;APPLICATION EXERCISES;1.;a) Identify three service businesses that you patronize on a regular;basis. Then, for each;business, complete the following sentence;?I am loyal to this business because?...?;b) What conclusions can you draw about (a) yourself as a consumer, and;(b) the performance of each of the businesses?;c) Assess whether any of these businesses managed to develop a;sustainable competitive advantage through the way it won your loyalty?;2.;a) Identify two service businesses that you used several times but;have now ceased to;patronize (or plan to stop patronizing;soon) because you were dissatisfied. Complete the;sentence: ?I stopped using (or will soon;stop using) this organization as a customer because?...?;b) What conclusions do you draw about yourself and the firms above?;c) How could each of these firms potentially avoid your defection?;d) What could each of these firms do to avoid defections in the future;of customers with a;similar profile to yours?


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