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Question;Sales Management & Practices1. Sales managers need the assistance of an in-house marketing support group, which generally provides which of the services below?a. Serving as information conduit between management and sales forceb. Providing sales promotion brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces, etc.c. Managing field sales activitiesd. Achieving sales volume and quotas2. Drawing conclusions based on the path a customer takes while navigating information on the company website is called:a. click-stream analysis.b. data mining.c. database marketing.d. CRM intelligence3. A __________ is a ?financial sales plan outlining how to allocate resources and selling efforts to achieve the sales forecast.?a. sales potentialb. sales quotac. sales budgetd. sales audit4. The fourth step in the procedure for developing sales territories is:a. conduct an account analysis.b. develop a salesperson workload analysis.c. combine geographical control units into territories.d. assign salespeople to territories.5. Most firms turn to __________ as their first source of new sales recruits.a. competitorsb. universitiesc. non-sales personnel within the companyd. non-competing companies6. The key to achieving successful results from training is to focus on:a. productivity.b. initial sales training.c. learning objectives.d. performance objectives.7. __________ of motivation provide insights into employees? needs for rewards and recognition.a. Reinforcement theoriesb. Content theoriesc. Process theoriesd. Expectancy theories8. An audit of sales management functions includes which of the following areas?a. Sales managers education levelb. Sales force goals and objectivesc. Sales management program deploymentd. Selling costs9. Which of the following performance factors are considered within the control of the salesperson?a. Competitive intensityb. Variations in company supportc. Generating sales revenuesd. Time allocation between account development and account maintenance10. Lucius Cogburn is a consumer products sales manager for a large east coast manufacturer. He is developing a sales plan for the coming year and is presently involved in making various planning assumptions about the internal company environment and external marketing environment prior to preparing a sales forecast. He is also developing some contingency plans based on different sets of assumptions. What stage of sales planning is Mr. Cogburn in?a. Situation analysisb. Opportunities and problemsc. Action programsd. Performance evaluation systems


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