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BU480: eBusiness Strategy




Question;BU480: eBusiness Strategy1. The dot-com shutdowns in 2001 and 2002 were concentrated most in which business sector?a. Internet accessb. Internet contentc. Professional servicesd. E-commerce2. Information reflecting what customers actually do is known as a(n):a. behavioral measure.b. psychographic measure.c. activity measure.d. sociographic measure.3. The __________ contains the address information that tells a computer where to send data packets.a. ISPb. IPc. FTPd. domain name4. Which of the following is NOT an information-related activity in the virtual value chain?a. Collecting informationb. Integrating informationc. Structuring informationd. Creating information5. In the E-Business Commitment Pyramid, which level encompasses enterprise focus?a. The highestb. The next highestc. The next lowestd. The lowest6. Orbitz is which type of online brokerage model?a. Affiliateb. Auctionc. Market exchanged. Transaction fulfillment7. The purpose of the research process is to provide which types of information?a. Demographic, geographic and psychographicb. Descriptive, diagnostic, and predictivec. Respondent-based, researcher-based, and recorder-basedd. Primary, secondary, and tertiary8. Which of the following is NOT a component of channel strategy?a. Marketing flowsb. Product flowsc. Information flowsd. None of the above (all are components of channel strategy)9. A key difference between B2B and B2C exchanges is:a. the goals of completing a transaction.b. the amount of revenue generated.c. the size of the exchanges.d. the purpose for product purchase.10. __________ is the oversight of the set of interactions between a company and its customers, from the initial contact to sales lead, transaction, training, and customer support.a. Collaborative orientationb. Customer relationship managementc. A recommender systemd. Intelligent agents


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