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Answer the following questions in your own words-Define "ethnocentrism" and explain...




Question;Answer the following questions in your own words. Be sure to use complete sentences and check your spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation. Be sure to use the grading matrix found in your syllabus as you prepare your work.1. Define "ethnocentrism" and explain how it can be overcome in communication.2. Explain the eight main types of cultural differences. Provide an example of each.3. List and discuss the important components of successful intercultural communications.4. List the seven components of writing and speaking clearly. Provide an example of each.5. Intercultural Sensitivity: Recognizing Variations - You represent a Canadian toy company that's negotiating to buy miniature truck wheels from a manufacturer in Osaka, Japan. In your first meeting, you explain that your company expects to control the design of the wheels as well as the materials that are used to make them. The manufacturer's representative looks down and says softly, "Perhaps that will be difficult." You press for agreement, and to emphasize your willingness to buy, you show the prepared contract you've brought with you. However, the manufacturer seems increasingly vague and uninterested. What cultural differences may be interfering with effective communication in this situation? Explain. Be sure to provide a rationale for your answer and use citations or references to the text or other materials to support your answer.


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