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Question; or 6 and 7 discussed a variety of approaches for motivating employees.The purpose of this exercise is for you to identify motivational techniques orprograms that are being used at different companies. Each year Fortune magazineranks the?100 Best Companies to Work For.? In 2010-2011 the winner has beenSAS. The list of employers changes each year, but you should be able access the2013 list by clicking on the drop-down year menu on the?Best Companies?homepage once the new list is posted in January of 2014.From the 2013 list, first read the profiles of the top ten firms. Then watchthe videos in the?See the Best Employers in Action? section. Then read thesections?I work for one of the 10 Best Companies? and?Botox? Wine bars? 13Unusual Perks.? You can also read about any companies located in yourgeographic region or the firms offering the benefits most important to you.After reading these profiles and any supplemental articles provided on thesite, answer the following questions:Questions (answer with a minimum of 50 words per question):1. What factors do you think contributed to the firm receiving the top honorsin the current year?2. What concepts from the motivational theories that you read about in Chapters6 and 7 were illustrated in the practices of the companies that you reviewed?


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