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MBA 712: Business Strategy Porter?s Five Forces Analysis: A Summary




Question;Porter?s 5 forces industry analysis: analyze conditions impacting the profit potential of the pharmaceutical industrya. What are the conditions creating rivalry among pharmaceutical companies?b. Who are the suppliers to pharmaceutical companies?Which of Porter?s conditions affect the power of supplier groups?I need to do a 5 forces analysis first (#1) and then answer a-b. All of the research (online, journals, etc.) done needs to be cited with a footnote in MS word. The files I have added are not the only ones that should be used to formulate the answers.there should be multiple conditions for (a) and multiple suplliers for (b). The 5 forces analysis for #1 should encompass all 5 forces and multiple conditions under each Buyers, Suppliers, Threat of entrants, rivalry, and substitutes should be covered in depth for the pharmaceutical industry.


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