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Marketing Analysis Paper: Differentiating Brands For this assignment, choose a brand name in a very competitive market.




Question;Marketing Analysis Paper: Differentiating Brands;For this assignment, choose a brand name in;a very competitive market. Analyze the brand versus its top 3 competitors and;prepare a report on how they attempt to differentiate their product. Present the;top three competitors and a brief analysis of their products. Then discuss;whether the company integrates the differentiation into their marketing;communication vehicles. Give examples of these communications and determine;whether this is a consistent part of their message.;Write your marketing analysis in 2?3 pages;in a Word document using Times New Roman font size 12, double spaced with;one-inch margins on all sides. Follow the APA style for writing, editing, and;citation of sources.;The brand name that I chose for this assignment;is Louis Vuitton (It is my wife?s favorite brand for bags).


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