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BSA 502 Business Systems II




Question;BSA 502 Business Systems II;Week;2;Individual Assignment;Marketing Issues Paper - Kudler Fine Foods;Learning Team Assignment;Sales and Marketing Paper - Riordan Manufacturing;Week;3;Individual Assignment;Kudler Fine Food s Human Resource Information Systems;Learning Team Assignment;Riordan Manufacturing Human Resources Paper;Week;4;Learning Team Assignment;Riordan Operations & Logistics Systems Paper;Individual Assignment;Operations and Logistics Issues - Kudler Fine Foods;Week;5;Individual Assignment;Legal Issues Paper - Kudler Fine Foods;Learning Team Assignment;Legal Issues - Riordan Manufacturing;Week;6;Final Business;Systems Paper;Final Business;Systems Presentation - Riordan Manufacturing;Week;2 Assignment(Ind), Marketing Issues Paper - Kudler Fine Foods;Review the;marketing overview web page in the intranet section for Kudler Fine Foods in;the Virtual Organizations link from the Materials page. Prepare a 3-5 page;paper focusing on the three strategic objectives discussed. In the paper;discuss potential technology solutions to specifically support the customer;contests, loyalty points programs, purchase tracking, benchmarking of internal;versus external service processes, and management of inventory and related;costs. Include concepts such as use of consumer databases and customer;relationship management systems. Approach the task as if you were an IT;resource for Kudler making recommendations to support these various programs.;Week;2 Assignment(LT), Sales and Marketing Paper - Riordan Manufacturing;Review the Sales;and Marketing in Riordan Manufacturing. Identify and describe, based upon the;review, existing and needed business systems and subsystems.;Week;3 Assignment(Ind), Kudler Fine Food s Human Resource Information Systems;Review the human;resource information systems (HRIS) along with other HR web pages in the;intranet section for Kudler Fine Foods in the Virtual Organizations. Prepare a;3-5 page paper on potential technology solutions to address some of the issues;presented with the HRIS Web page. This should include centralization of;employee records and related HR information, automation of time tracking and;timesheet submittal, and tracking applicants. Incorporate concepts such as;employee self-service, Internet technology and e-learning. Again, prepare the;analysis as if you were the company?s IT Director recommending solutions to;these issues.;Week;3 Assignment(LT),Riordan;Manufacturing Human Resources Paper;Week 4 Assignment(LT),Riordan Operations;Logistics Systems Paper;Week;4 Assignment(Ind), Operations and Logistics Issues - Kudler Fine Foods;Review the Operations;web page in the intranet section for Kudler Fine Foods in the Virtual;Organizations link. Review the section on Purchasing on this web page. Also;perform research on business purchasing through the Internet. Prepare a 3-5;page paper on how Kudler could benefit from Internet purchasing and how this;new system and process would be potentially implemented. Include at least two;Internet sources. Describe Kudler?s current purchasing process and systems;discuss Internet purchasing concepts, and discuss implementation processes that;Kudler could use to implement revised processes incorporating Internet-based;purchasing.;Week;5 Assignment(Ind), Legal Issues Paper - Kudler Fine Foods;Review the legal;web page in the intranet section for Kudler Fine Foods in the Virtual;Organizations link. Then, using the Internet for additional resources, research;product liability as it relates to the food industry. Prepare a 3-5 page paper;on the definition of product liability and how it relates to Kudler and the;food industry. Include a sample case of product liability. Also include;potential strategies to assist in avoidance of such lawsuits. Research;compliance database tools such as LexisNexis?, and how deployment of such tools;could also assist in avoidance strategies.;Week;5 Assignment(LT), Legal Issues - Riordan;Manufacturing;This paper is;meant to be used as a guide for students to write their own paper. It should provide ideas and creative writing;styles for the class and this paper. If;you purchase this tutorial/paper and have any questions, you can post any;questions to me and I can answer them.;Week;6 Final Business Systems Presentation - Riordan Manufacturing;Riordan Manufacturing Presentation;Finalize and;submit a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the paper;Week;6 Final Business Systems Paper;Riordan;Manufacturing Paper;Finalize and;submit a 10-12 page paper summarizing the above lists and recommendations.


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