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BSOP 209 Operations Analysis




Question;BSOP 209;Operations Analysis;WEEK 1;Assignment;Problems 4.2(a, b, c), 4.6(a, b, c), 4.9(a, b, c, d);Assignment;Solutions;WEEK 2;Assignment;Problems 4.24 (a, b, c), 4.46(a, b, c);Assignment;Solutions;Quiz;- Linear Regression, Correlation and Forecast Error;WEEK 3;Assignment;S7.17, S7.18, S7.30, S7.31;Case;Study 1, Forecasting Attendance, SWU Football Games;Case;Study 1, Forecasting Attendance, Worksheet;WEEK 4;Quiz;- Waiting Line Models and Linear Programming;WEEK 5;Linear;Programming Concept Paper;Linear;Programming Homework Problem B1, B2;WEEK 6;Quantitative;Module A Decision-Making Tools Homework Problem 1;Quantitative;Module A Decision-Making Tools Homework Problem 2;Quiz;WEEK 7;Case;Study 2, Southwestern University;Case;Study 2, Southwestern University Worksheet;WEEK 8;Final;Exam


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