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BSOP 429Production Activity Control and Just-in-Time with Lab




Question;BSOP 429Production Activity Control and Just-in-Time with Lab;Week 1;Written;Assignment, Manufacturing Planning and Control;Discussion Question;1, How Other Levels of OPC Affect PAC;Discussion Question;2, Compare and Contrast JIT and MRP;Week 2;Written;Assignment, PAC Framework;Week 2 Scheduling;Lab;Discussion Question;1, Lead Times;Discussion Question;2, Lab 1 Discussion;Week 3;Written;Assignment;Week 3 Lab 2;of 6, Lab Scheduling;Discussion Question;1, Types of Constraints;Discussion Question;2, Lab 2 Discussion;Week 4;Written;Assignment;Week 4 Lab 3;of 6, Scheduling, Reporting and Feedback;Discussion Question;1, PAC Feedback;Discussion Question;2, Lab 3 Discussion;Midterm Exam;1;Midterm Exam;2;Week 5;Written;Assignment, Manufacturing Planning and Control;Week 5 Lab 4;of 6, Scheduling and Reporting feedback;Discussion Question;1, Reducing the Wall of Inventory;Discussion Question;2, Lab 4 Assignment;Week 6;Written;Assignment;Week 6 Lab;JIT and Supply Chain Management;Discussion Question;1, Supply Chain for JIT Operations;Discussion Question;2, Lab 5 Assignment;Week 7;Written;Assignment;Week 7 Lab 6;of 6, Critical Path method;Discussion Question;1, Impl?mentations;Discussion Question;2, Lab 6 Assignement;Week 8;Final Exam 1;Final Exam 2


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