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BUS 405 Principles of Investments




Question;BUS;405 Principles of Investments;WEEK 1;Assignment;- Annualized Returns Chapter 3 problem 18;Discussion;1 - Blume T's Formula, Allocation, and Selection;Discussion;2 - Money Market Funds;Quiz;- Chapter 1, A Brief History of Risk and Return;Quiz;- Chapter 2, The Investment Process;Quiz;- Chapter 3, Overview of Security Types;Quiz;- Chapter 4, Mutual Funds;WEEK 2;Assignment;Abbott Laboratories Problem;Discussion;1- Primary and Secondary Markets;Discussion;2 - Contrarian Investing;Quiz;- Chapter 5, The Stock Market;Quiz;- Chapter 6, Common Stock Valuation;Quiz;- Chapter 7, Stock Price Behavior and Market Efficiency;Quiz;- Chapter 8, Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing;WEEK 3;Assignment;- Bootstrapping Chapter 10 Problem 31;Discussion;1 - Forward Interest Rates;Discussion;2 - Bond Prices versus Yields;Quiz;- Chapter 9, Interest Rates;Quiz;- Chapter 10, Bond Prices and Yields;WEEK 4;Assignment;- Performance Metrics Chapter 13 Problem 22;Discussion;1- Expected Returns and Deviation;Discussion;2 - Portfolio Weights;Quiz;- Chapter 11, Diversification and Risky Asset Allocation;Quiz;- Chapter 12, Return, Risk, and the Security Market Line;Quiz;- Chapter 13, Performance Evaluation and Risk Management;WEEK 5;Final;Project - Construct a well-diversified portfolio;Discussion;1 - Hedging with Futures;Discussion;2 - Option Strategies


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