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BUS 475- Integrated Business Topics




Question;BUS 475- Integrated Business Topics;WEEK;1;Individual Importance of Strategic Planning;and Management in the Business Environment;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK;2;Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan, Part;I: Conceptualizing a Business;Team Assignment: Value Alignment;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK;3;Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan, Part;II: SWOTT Analysis;Team Assignment: Functional Area;Interrelationship;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Discussion Questions 3;WEEK;4;Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan, Part;III: Balanced Scorecard;Team Assignment: Communication Plan;Outline;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Discussion Question 3;WEEK;5;Individual Assignment: Final Strategic Plan Paper;and Presentation.;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Discussion Question 3;Individual;Assignment: Final Exam


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