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BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam




Question;BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam;Multiple;Choice;1. Question;(TCO 1) The first step to reduce waiting time is to;2. Question: (TCO 2) Communication turnoffs often;occur when employees are ignorant of;3. Question: (TCO 3) Small companies can compete against;larger ones if they offer;4. Question: (TCO 4) Value arises from a tradeoff;between;5. Question: (TCO 5) To enhance value through;goodness of product fit;6. Question: (TCO 4) If several people are asking;the same question, you have;7. Question: (TCO 5) Intrinsic value arises from;8. Question: (TCO 5) The best companies to work;for;9. Question: (TCO 5) Customer convenience stems;from;10. Question: (TCO 4) Communication effectiveness;is NOT best achieved when the message is;11. Question: (TCO 8) Behavior is;13. Question: (TCO 8) One problem with not seeing;the person you are talking to is;14. Question: (TCO 9) How far from your mouth;should the telephone mouthpiece be?;15. Question: (TCO 8) To end a call;16. Question: (TCO 10) Customer dissatisfaction;with a firm's phone call handling stems from;17. Question: (TCO 10) Open communication occurs;best when;18. Question: (TCO 10) Feedback is a form of;19. Question: (TCO 10) Which of the following;strategies is NOT a great method of soliciting feedback?;20. Question: (TCO 12) Positive language conveys;more of what than negative language?;21. Question: (TCO 12) A good strategy with an;angry customer is;22. Question: (TCO 6) Assertiveness and;abrasiveness are;23. Question: (TCO 11) An average company will lose;what percentage of its customers every five years?;24. Question: (TCO 13) Interactivity between;businesses and customers;25. Question: (TCO 13) The fastest growing;population in the U.S. today is;Essay Type;1. Question;(TCO 1, 2) Evaluate the following statement. Your complaining customer is often;your least valuable/most valuable customer. Back up your answer with concepts;and examples.;2. Question;(TCO 4, 5) Discuss the impact of ignoring e-mails or delaying responses to;e-mail from customers in a business setting.;3. Question;(TCO 6, 7) Describe the two personalities a customer will encounter when doing;business with an organization, and provide examples of each from your own;experience.;4. Question;(TCO 8, 9) Sometimes we walk into a store and we feel like we're the most;important person in the world. Other times, we enter a business, and we might;as well be invisible. What are some examples of companies that succeed and;companies that fail in engaging their customers? What are your recommendations;for improvement for places you do business?;5. Question;(TCO 13) Explain the concept of personalized self-serve solutions and the role;of Web content as it relates to a customer's individual needs.


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