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BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam




Question;BUSN258 Week 8 Final Exam;Multiple;Choice;1. (TCO 1) The best way to win customer loyalty;is to;2. (TCO 2) Which of the following problems is;NOT listed as a people turnoff?;3. (TCO 3) Small companies can compete against;larger ones if they offer;4. (TCO 4) Which of the following is NOT an;example of something a company can;do to enhance extrinsic value?;5. (TCO 5) Companies cannot wait years for;their customers to see long-term value, so they should;6. (TCO 4) Smart companies connect with their;customers through;7. (TCO 5) Intrinsic value arises from;8. (TCO 5) Communication efficiency is;9. (TCO 5) Customer convenience stems from;10. (TCO 4) How long do Americans want to spend;preparing a meal?;11. (TCO 9) To avoid requiring customers to do;repetitive tasks;12. (TCO 8) A company's culture is made up;of;13. (TCO 8) Many customers get their first;impression of your company from;14. (TCO 9) Calling yourself Mr. or Ms.;may give the impression that;15. (TCO 8) Which employees do most;customers associate with a company?;16. (TCO 10) The three-step process for;acting on complaints does NOT include;17. (TCO 10) What percent of customers;whose complaints are dealt with report a willingness to do business with a company;again?;18. (TCO 10) Feedback is a form of;19. (TCO 10) A quick response to a customer's;problem should convey;20. (TCO 11) When it comes to listening;versus speaking;21. (TCO 12) A good strategy with an angry;customer is;22. (TCO 6) Which of the following;behaviors is NOT characteristic of aggressive people?;23. (TCO 11) Abrasiveness refers to;24. (TCO 13) In the NPS formula, the P;stands for;25. (TCO 13) Market share refers to;Essay Questions;1. (TCO 1, 2) Define and explain the NPS;formula and how it applies to customer satisfaction.;2. (TCO 4,5) Explain the concept of;goodness of product fit.;3. (TCO 6, 7) Describe the two personalities a;customer will encounter when doing business with an organization, and provide;examples of each from your own experience.;4. (TCO 8, 9) Describe at least three;techniques that companies can use to successfully engage their customers. What;are your recommendations for improving a company's ability to engage their;customers?;5. (TCO 13) Describe the difference;between customer share and market share. Explain which concept is more;important.


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