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Question;week 1 diss 1"Working Conditions at Foxconn?" Please respond to the following:Employees at Foxconn? factories described in the e-Activity worked more hours than allowed under Chinese labor laws. Yet the violation of these standards is widespread in manufacturing and the demanding treatment of workers is commonly accepted. Compare and contrast the ethos of Foxconn? with the basic tenets of ethical relativism. Assess the degree to which companies like Apple might be affected by such ethical relativism in the countries in which their suppliers operate.week 1 diss 2"The A7D Affair" Please respond to the following:Organizations often encourage their members to conform to certain norms and to accept policies and goals as their own. This can sometimes cause individuals to sacrifice their integrity and to fail to see themselves as morally responsible for their actions. Identify two instances in the case study in which employees at Goodrich succumbed to the pressures of conformity. Consider the level at which both groupthink and diffusion of responsibility affected the actions of those involved in the A7D affair, and illustrate how an employee at the company might have rationalized his or her decision to conform.week 1 diss 3"Yahoo CEO Bans Telecommuting" Please respond to the following:Imagine you are the CEO of Yahoo!, and outline the relevant obligations, ideals, and effects that you believe should be taken into consideration before developing a company policy regarding employees working remotely. Examine the ways in which the obligations, ideals, and effects that you have outlined might conflict with one another, and propose how you would resolve those conflicts.week 1 diss 4"Hacking Into Harvard" Please respond to the following:As applicants began to defend themselves against the penalties handed out by the business schools, they appealed to both consequentialist and nonconsequentialist criteria to support their actions. Some responded by pointing out that their intentions were never malicious, while others argued they did not think checking their application statuses would cause any real harm. Review the case study and analyze the actions of the students from a Kantian perspective. Consider whether the actions taken by the hackers were permissible according the standard of universal acceptability.week 2 discusson 1"Weyco? Incorporated Fires Employees Who Smoke" Please respond to the following:The e-Activity presents two contrasting points of view. The employees who have been laid off and Weyco? Incorporated have different interests and desires, and the decision made by Weyco? to provide employees who smoke with an ultimatum?quit smoking or leave?impacts these two parties very differently. Determine whether any personal rights are in dispute between these two parties. Compare and contrast the ways in which act utilitarians and rule utilitarians might respond to Weyco? Incorporated?s decisions differently.week 2 diss 2"Battling Over Bottled Water" Please respond to the following:Nestl? holds a 99-year lease for the land that the Sanctuary Spring sits on. While lease-holders are generally understood to be able to make full use of their land, when public resources are involved, they are limited to ?reasonable uses.? Review the case study and formulate an argument either supporting or challenging this distinction. Support your reasoning by addressing key ways in which benefits and burdens are being distributed between Nestl? and the community in this case.week 2 diss 3"Wal-Mart? Fined for Mishandling of Hazardous Waste" Please respond to the following:The narrow view of corporate responsibility states that business has no social responsibilities other than to maximize profits. When it comes to corporate behavior, such as described in the Wal-Mart? e-Activity, consider the role that government regulation and / or legislation should play, if any. Provide an argument that either supports or challenges the government?s role in regulating Wal-Mart?s? handling of hazardous waste. Speculate on a possible challenge that one could make to this argument, and propose a response to that challenge.week 3 diss 1"Google Australia AdWords" Please respond to the following:As more responsibility and liability has transferred to manufacturers and suppliers over time, there has been significant debate over whether the reasonable-consumer standard, ignorant-consumer standard, or modified ignorant-consumer standard should be used to determine what advertising practices are permissible and impermissible. Assess the likelihood that a reasonable consumer would be deceived by the misleading sponsored links described in the e-Activity. Next, suggest which consumer standard you believe the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was using when it found Google guilty of deceptive advertising practices.week 3 diss 2"Cape Cod Wind project" Please respond to the following:The Cape Cod Wind Project discussed in the e-Activity was hotly debated for nine years. Proponents and opponents of the project have appealed to economic concerns, aesthetic concerns, and the inherent value of nature. In light of these points of view, estimate the various costs and benefits that would result from implementing the Cape Cod Wind Farm.week 3 diss 3weeh 4 diss 1"Abercrombie & Fitch and Civil Rights" Please respond to the following:From the e-Activity, determine whether Khan has a legitimate claim of discrimination or if Abercrombie has met its obligation to provide reasonable accommodation. Depending on which party you find to be at fault, propose two recommendations to mitigate future conflicts such as this.week 4 diss 2"Have Gun, Will Travel? To Work " Please respond to the following:Use the criteria of just cause and due process to determine whether you believe Weyerhaeuser's decision in the case study to fire its Oklahoma plant employees who kept guns in their vehicles was fair. Either support the company's actions by illustrating how they met the criteria of just cause and due process or challenge its actions and suggest additional steps Weyerhaeuser should have taken to handle the situation in a morally responsible way.week 4 diss 3"Home Depot? Adds Benefits" Please respond to the following:The access to resources that large companies such as Home Depot? have enables them to provide employee benefit programs like those described in the e-Activity. However, not all employers are so fortunate. Formulate two strategies that a manager, without the benefit of a large amount of resources, could implement in order to increase job satisfaction among employees. Propose the approach you would take to implement these strategies, and examine the potential benefits and pitfalls that you should consider during implementation.week 5 diss 1"CompUSA Executives Allegedly Stole Millions " Please respond to the following:The CompUSA e-Activity mentions that the Fiorentino brothers violated their "fiduciary responsibilities" to the company, which ultimately resulted in the company losing millions of dollars, however, one may question if there are ever legitimate business reasons to engage in such activities. Support or challenge the position that, at times, there are legitimate business reasons for accepting bribes or kickbacks.week 5 diss 2"Sexual Assault in the Military" Please respond to the following:o The reporter from the e-Activity concludes by stating that members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee believe, "You can't change the culture without first changing the system." Differentiate between what you believe constitutes ?the culture? of sexual harassment and what you believe constitutes ?the system? in the reporter?s statement. Defend or criticize the statement made by the Senate Armed Forces Committee.week 5 diss 3"Hoop Dreams" Please respond to the following:In the case study, George Raveling views his higher salary as justifiable because he has alternative job offers, however, advocates of comparable worth argue that employers should not make compensation decisions based entirely on market considerations. Propose the method you would use, if you were the hiring manager, to determine the compensation an employee deserves. Suggest the key criteria you would consider when determining the worth of an employee, and justify your response.


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