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ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics




Question;ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics, Devry Keller;Week 1;Assignment;Ethics Paper;Discussion;Question 1, Helen's Wisdom of Friends Dilemma;Discussion;Question 2, Study of Ethical Philosophy;Quiz;Week 2;Assignment;Ethics Paper Group Discussion;Discussion;Question 1, When Siding with the Majority;Discussion;Question 2, The Struggle of Good vs. Evil;Week 3;Assignment;Ethical Consideration;Discussion;Question 1, Applying the Death Penalty;Discussion;Question 2, Living in Our State of Nature;Quiz;(Questions and Answers);Week 4;Assignment;Environmental Ethical Dilemma- Tesco;Discussion;Question 1, Ethics of Controlling Environmental Innovation;Discussion;Question 2, Kant - Accomplice to Crazed Murderer;Week 5;Assignment;You Decide Scenario and Response Solution Paper;Discussion;Question 1, Life and Death- Politics and Ethics;Discussion;Question 2, Dealing with Emergencies and Outcomes;Week 6;Discussion;Question 1, Applying Rand's Objectivism;Discussion;Question 2, Working Conflict Resolution Methods;Quiz;(Questions and Answers);Week 7;Discussion;Question 1, Business ethics and the Hovercraft Debacle;Discussion;Question, Assemble and Test Your Personal Ethics Statement;Week 8;Final;Exam (Questions and Answers)


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