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QNT 561 Final Exam




Question;QNT;561 Final Exam;1. The average salary for a certain profession is;$93,000. Assume that the standard deviation of such salaries is $39,000.;Consider a random sample of 78 people in this profession and let x represent;the mean salary for the sample.;2. The data on age in years and title of 12 of the;most powerful women in Country Aare shown in the table to the right;Rank;Age;Title;1;45;CEO/president;2;53;CEO/president;3;47;CEO/chairman;4;51;Chairman;5;49;CEO/president;6;55;President;7;44;President;8;46;Chairman;9;49;Treasurer;10;41;CEO/chairman;11;54;Chairman;12;37;President;3. When bonding teeth, orthodontists must maintain;a dry field. A new bonding adhesive has been developed to eliminate the;necessity of a dry field?Tests on a sample of 10 extracted teeth bonded with;the new adhesive resulted a mean breaking strength (after 24 hours) of x=5.48;MPA and a standard deviation of s =0.37 MPA. Orthodontists want to know if the;true mean breaking strength is less than 6.00 MPA, the mean breaking;strengthof the composite adhesive.;4. A local news wheatherman is researching average;temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit for the Cleveland area over the last ten;years. The data being collected can be categorized as.;5. Jason is designing a survey to measure the;extent to which college students who own an Ipod will recommend that others;should also buy an Ipod. He has created the following measure:1. Have you ever;recommended an Ipod to anyone? Answer: Yes or No.;What type of scale is used?;6. A newspaper reported the results of a survey on;the planning habits of men and women?55% men and 45% women answered ?I keep;them in my head?. A nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults;participated in the survey (500 men, 500 women).;7. Suppose you wish to estimate the population mean;correct to within 0.15 with the confidence level of 0.90. You do not know q^2;but you know that the observations will range in value between 36 and 44.;8. A business study conducted by researchers showed;a positive correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.;This is an example of what type of research?;9. are summary descriptors of variables of interest;in the population.;10. Researchers reported on the search shares for;the most popular search engines available on the Web. Search engine A accounted;for 50% of all searches, search engine B for 22%, search engine C for 11%, and;all other search engines for 17%. Suppose that in a random sample of 1035;recent Internet searches 466 used search engine A, 239 used search engine B;123 used engine C, and 207 used another engine.;11. The partially completed ANOVA for 3?4 factorial;experiment with two replications is shown to the right;Source;df;SS;MS;F;A;-;0.1;-;-;B;-;3.8;-;-;AB;-;8.5;-;-;Error;-;-;-;Total;-;16.8;12. Construct a scattergram, calculate r and r^2;x;y;-1;-5;0;-2;1;-1;2;2;3;5;13. A researcher investigated the effect of guilt;emotion on how a decision maker focuses on a problem. A total of 180 volunteer;students?Is there sufficient evidence (at a=0.05) to claim that the option;choice depends on emotional state?;Emotional State;Choose Stated Option;Do Not Choose Stated Option;Totals;Guilt;46;12;58;Anger;9;54;63;Neutral;6;53;59;Totals;61;119;180;14. A is used to gather preliminary;insights before a full research study is conducted.;15. Which term below refers to an analytical;process for measuring the semantic content of a communication?;16. The random sample shown below was selected from;a normal distribution;10, 7, 7, 4, 5, 3;17. A magazine reported on an independent study of;postal workers and violences at postal offices. In a sample of 13,000 postal;workers 520 were physically assaulted on the job in the recent year.;18. Which format for presenting statistics is best;for enhancing comprehension and providing adequate information?;19. A minitab printout relating the size of the;diamond to the asking price for 308 diamonds is shown below: The regression;equation is Price= -2290+11591carat.;20. A marketing research firm doing business;research using 6-10 participants and a trained moderator is conducting a?;21. A measurement question where the participant;chooses the words to frame the answer is a?. question.;22. A study of Machiavellian traits in consultants;was performed?;23. When a research participant gives an incomplete;answer or else provides an incorrect answer this is an example of a ?;24. Robotics researchers investigated whether;robots could be trained to behave like ants in an ant colony. Robots were;trained and randomly assigned to colonies consisting of 4,8,12, or 16;robots?error rate of 0.05.;Sample mean;Group size;0.97;4;0.95;8;0.92;12;0.81;16;25. A means of support in a research presentation;that enhances ethos is.;26. The data in the table to the right resulted;from an experiment that utilized a completely randomized design;Treatment 1;Treatment 2;Treatment 3;3.4;5.3;1.5;1.7;2.2;0.4;4.4;4.9;2.3;5.4;3.6;2.0;27. The is the process of first stating the;basic problem and then developing additional questions by subsequently;dissecting the original question from the general to more specific questions.;28. A new type of screening for lung cancer CT has;been developed.;29. A researcher employed 4 independent variables;in a regression model to predict a measure of the novelty level of vacations;chosen by 406 golfers.;30. Oil field pipes are internally coated in order;to prevent corrosion.;1.91 1.82 2.03 2.49 2.36 1.92 2.96 1.47 1.07 2.43;1.28 2.73 2.09 1.52 2.43 1.84 1.31 2.23 2.21 1.78


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