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QNT 561 Week 5 Quiz




Question;QNT;561 Week 5 Quiz;1. Give the;slope and y-intercept for the line that passes through the pairs of points;listed below;a). (7,7);and (10,10).;b).;(0,13) and (13,0).;c).;(-3,1) and (5,4).;d).;(-12,-1) and (12, 4).;Second version;a).;(8,8) and (10,10).;b). (0,8);and (8,0).;c).;(-7,1) and (9,3).;d).;(-12,-9) and (6,5).;2. Consider;the pairs of measurements shown to the right;X: 4;6 8 7;3 2 1;Y: 6;7 10 9;6 5 3;Second version;Consider;the pairs of measurements to the right.;X: 8;7 6 3;5 2 1;Y: 2;4 4 7;4 9 9;3.A Minitab printout relating the size of the diamond;(number of carats) to the asking price (dollars) for 308 diamonds is shown;below: The regression equation is PRICE=-2305+11596 CARAT.;Version two;A Minitab;printout relating the size of the diamond (number of carats) to the asking;price (dollars) for 308 diamonds is shown below: The regression equation is;PRICE=-2297+11602 CARAT.;4. Explain what each of the;following sample correlation coefficients tell you about the relationship;between the x and y values in the samples;a);r=1, b);r=-1, c). r=0, d) r=0.89, e) r=0.06, f) r=-0.96.;Second;version;a);r=1, b);r=-1, c) r=0, d) r=0.9, e) r=0.12, f) r=-0.94.;Suppose the first-order model;y=Bo+B1x1+B2x2+B3x3+B4x4+B5x5+E to n=28 data points and obtain SSE=0.33 and;R^2=0.95.;Second version;5). Suppose the first-order;model y=Bo+B1x1+B2x2+B3x3+B4x4+B5x5+E to n=30 data points and obtain SSE=0.33;and R^2=0.93.;6). A magazine reported on a study;of a reliability of a commercial kit to test for arsenic in groundwater;(20 groundwater wells).;Well ID;Latitude;Longitude;Depth;Arsenic;1;23.7714;90.6221;30;311;2;23.7764;90.6492;60;327;3;23.7832;90.6321;125;163;4;23.7944;90.6386;30;250;5;23.7644;90.6224;100;15;6;23.7916;90.6228;100;20;7;23.7674;90.6225;45;194;8;23.7694;90.6176;90;324;9;23.7732;90.6147;75;627;10;23.7894;90.6482;125;248;11;23.7852;90.6215;75;24;12;23.7856;90.6207;45;160;13;23.7745;90.6496;90;163;14;23.7479;90.6387;60;256;15;23.7734;90.6487;90;243;16;23.7681;90.6463;90;329;17;23.7754;90.6452;90;626;18;23.7881;90.6489;125;16;19;23.7872;90.6218;30;169;20;23.7818;90.6243;125;249


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