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STR 581 Week 3 Quiz




Question;STR 581 Week 3 Quiz;1. Simon Ize is the owner of a company;(2-Shine Simon Ize-It) that specializes in a variety of floor waxing and;polishing products. His company managers are in the process of finding answers;to such questions as: How well is our current strategy working? and What is our;current situation? In order to obtain the answers to these types of questions;Simon's company is most likely to conduct which one of the following?;2. The 2-Shine Simon Ize-It Company wants to;know the major favorable situations that exist in its environment. Essentially;the company wants to gain understanding of its _________.;3.;All of the following would represent possible threats to the 2-Shine Simon;Ize-It Company except which one of the following?;4. All of the following except which one would;be considered a weakness to a business such as the one owned by Simon Ize?;5. Utilizing a SWOT analysis diagram, one;would expect to find which piece of information about the company in question;in Cell 2?;6.;All but which one of the following;would be considered a limiting factor or influence to a SWOT analysis?;7. ________ attempts to understand how a;business creates customer value by examining the contributions of different;activities within a business to that value.;8. Primary activities conducted by a firm;are those that are involved in the creation, marketing, and transfer of the;product to the buyer. Which one of the following would not be considered a;primary activity?;9. The _______ is a method of analyzing and;identifying a firm's strategic advantages based on examining its distinct;combination of assets, skills, capabilities, and intangibles as an;organization.;10. The tangible assets of a firm such as;Gary's Two-Can Tan Company would include all but which one of the following?;Top of Form


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